May 31st Kayak Bassin’ With My Best Friend…

My wife and I were able to get on the water last Saturday and we decided to try a small lake that we hadn’t fished yet.  Turned out to be a great little bass lake.  I was able to catch quite a few smaller 14″ bass, a couple of 16″ fish and a decent 18 1/2″ out of the Native Slayer.  I started out fishing with a white Zoom Super Fluke fished weightless and was going to switch to something else later in the day, but the fish just kept taking the Fluke so I stayed with it.  My wife caught a couple of 14″ fish on a purple worm but spent most of her day just soaking in the sunshine.  My only regret of the day was that I hadn’t brought along my bowfishing gear.  We seen quite a few large carp cruising the shallows.  Great day with my favorite fishing partner on a lake that seems made for kayak fishing.

Fishing the flats…

On the flats 4

Showing my best friend and wife how to use a Zoom Super Fluke…

Standing in the Native Slayer 14.5.  This thing is SUPER stable!

Standing in the Slayer

18.5 inch Indiana largemouth bass…

We’ll fish South Mud Lake again soon!



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  1. Pretty bass. Great to see a guy who’s wife enjoys fishing too. My wife used to fish with me when I had the bay boat. Not so much now that I fish mostly out of a kayak.

    • indianayakfish

      Thanks! I really enjoy fishing with my wife and luckily for me, she loves to fish from her kayak. Sounds like you need to buy your wife a kayak too! ; )

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