Paddling on Palestine…

This past Saturday my wife and I were able to get out on the water again. After looking closely at some lake maps and doing a little bit of research, we again decided to try a new body of water and this time we chose Palestine Lake. It just so happened to work out that a friend of mine from further south in the Hoosier state was able to meet up with us. Joe got to Palestine Lake before we did and was already on the water when we got there. We launched as quickly as we could and as we paddled up to Joe he was reeling in a bass.


Joe on Palestine

Not long after Joe caught his bass, I caught my first fish that turned out to be a decent largemouth that was just shy of 17″. It was good enough for some Kayak Wars ( points and I quickly photographed the fish on the measuring board for entry, then released him unharmed.


After that, we went for a long dry spell before catching any more fish. All three of us paddled over to the east section of the lake. Joe and my wife both opted to fish for bluegill while I trolled for crappie. My crappie fishing didn’t produce even a single bite and Ginger didn’t have much luck, but Joe was reeling in tiny bluegill after tiny bluegill. He said he caught about 30, one right after another, but none were big enough to fillet. Still it seemed like he was having fun.

Not long after that we went back to the west section of the lake where I proceeded to troll Flicker Shad crankbaits through the deeper section of water. While the crappie were still no where to be found, I did catch three nice bass that were in the 14″ range. Yes, they were smaller fish, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen such bulldogs for that size. The bass on Palestine were definitely very healthy and even the 14″ fish put up a fun fight, especially on my Shimano ultralight rod. Joe and Ginger both started fishing Flicker Shad crankbaits as well and Ginger caught a beefy 15″ largemouth in addition to some small bluegill and another bass that she had caught earlier. Joe caught a couple fish as well, including a decent perch, on the Flicker Shads. While the jury is still out on anything with a treble hook (they should be called TROUBLE hooks), I am definitely becoming a believer in these Flicker Shad crankbaits.



It wasn’t long after Joe’s catch of a perch and Ginger’s 15″ bass that we needed to pack up and start heading home. Joe said he was going to go fish another lake, one that I’ve been wanting to try, and I hope to hear a report on his afternoon venture soon.

While Palestine Lake didn’t exactly impress me with numbers of fish, I am still intrigued by the health of what bass we caught. They appeared, to me anyway, to be some of the healthiest largemouth bass I’ve ever seen here in Indiana. I have no doubt that this lake probably holds some big fish.

So there ya go, a quick report on another new lake here in Hoosier country. It definitely was a great day. Any day on the water with my wife and good friends is time well spent, and we look forward to sharing a day chasing fish with Joe again soon.

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